movement-for-healthBy Phil Page, PT, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Today, September 8, is World Physical Therapy Day. This is a very special day for me to reflect on, and to thank my international friends and colleagues.

I have spent the last 18 years of my career teaching other physical therapists around the world through TheraBand Academy. The international aspect of physical therapy has been a passion for me. I’m eager to learn about the way physical therapy is practiced around the world, learn about their cultures, and eat the wonderful food (and beer!).


From my first presentation to the Korean Physical Therapy Association in 2000 to my presentations at SportTech in Tokyo last year….I have met hundreds (probably over a thousand by now!) of physiotherapists who share a passion for the profession and are eager to learn techniques that help their patients.


Performance Health, who manufactures TheraBand, supports physical therapy education around the world. As a global company and leader in rehabilitation, Performance Health Academy helps support international physiotherapists with research and education. I’ve probably learned as much from my international colleagues as I’ve taught them.


Through the Academy, I’ve lectured in over 25 countries representing physical therapy, and I’ve been lucky to have personally trained physiotherapists in 47 countries around the world through our “Train the Trainer” program. Our TTT program helps bring the latest evidence-based education to countries like China who are just starting to recognize physical therapy as a profession…not just a service.

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In addition, our scientific advisory committee, TRAC, represents an international group that shares a passion for research and regularly collaborates. We also support physiotherapy research with TheraBand products around the world, which helps support our evidence-based education.


So it is with great pride and pleasure that I say “Happy World Physical Therapy Day” to all my colleagues around the world, and thank each of you as well as our international distributors for supporting education around the world.


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