For decades, TheraBand has been a cornerstone of elastic resistance products and reliable, applicable research to support them. The most recent innovation came to life in the TheraBand CLX, a latex-free resistance band with consecutive loops. While the product is an absolute sensation in the rehabilitation and strength training markets, there were only a few studies on the biomechanics of CLX resistance. Previous research on TheraBand demonstrated similar strength curves to isotonic resistance; however, no studies had been done on the torque production of CLX until now.

Maloney and colleagues changed that earlier this year with their study on the mean and peak torque of the TheraBand CLX elastic resistance bands. Through their research, they found that the CLX band produces the same torque and strength curves as isotonic resistance. Both types of resistance share a bell-shaped strength curve.

From Maloney P et al. 2016.

From Maloney P et al. 2016.

Learn more about the study and results from a researcher on the study, Andre Labbe, PT!

Maloney P et al. 2016. Mean and peak torque of elastic resistance bands. (Abstract). Poster Presentation at National Strength and Conditioning Association Annual Conference New Orleans, LA. July 9, 2016

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