Kinesiology tape has been growing in popularity for both therapeutic and preventative purposes on the shoulder. But how can we tell that it’s actually working? Prominent shoulder researcher Dr. Todd Ellenbecker has been on the forefront of researching how kinesiology tape affects the shoulder for years and is in the midst of his current study that will provide further information about the benefits (or lack thereof) on shoulder muscle function.

This week for #TapeTuesday we sat down with Dr. Ellenbecker to talk about his work with kinesiology taping, covering:

  • His theory on how applying kinesiology tape might enhance the contraction and stabilization of the shoulder musculature
  • The benefits of using TheraBand Kinesiology Tape in his study and practice

Check out the interview below!

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In our #TapeTuesday series, we will be sharing methods for different types of tape application, as well as the accompanying research to support it. We’ll talk about therapeutic and preventive taping, such as TheraBand Kinesiology Tape and Cramer Athletic Tape to name a few. Click here to see our other posts in the #TapeTuesday series!

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