A few weeks back we explored the state of concussions today and some data on the impact concussions make on athletes across the country. Where there are concussions, there is concussion evaluation, arguably one of the most critical components of the injury. While there are no specific protocols to either evaluate or treat concussions, there are plenty of methods that athletic trainers or other clinicians can use to ensure that injured athletes are receiving the appropriate attention they need for their injury.

Tools to Aid Concussion Evaluation

In a recent paper outlining the Current Concepts in Concussions, researchers conducted a review of the current literature and assets available on concussion evaluation and management. The team of researchers compiled a master list of evaluation checklists and tests that can be engaged throughout the concussion assessment process:

Symptom checklists

Neuropsychological tests

Postural Stability Testing

Sideline Assessment Tools

Explore all of your options to find the testing options that work best in your setting for your students or patients. Also, watch as Dr. Greg Stewart of the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine talks through the key points in evaluating a concussion!


Scorza K et al. 2012. Current Concepts in Concussion: Evaluation and Management. Am Fam Physician. 85(2):123-132.

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