From tennis pro to tennis novice, shoulder injuries and surgeries are an unfortunate possibility at any level. To help the athlete maintain longevity in the sport, physical therapists and other supporting clinicians must stay conscious of the quality of the post-op care they are providing. To navigate the intricacies of shoulder rehabilitation, we enlisted the help of our resident tennis and shoulder expert, Dr. Todd Ellenbecker.

Dr. Ellenbecker has spent his career working with shoulder rehabilitation, strengthening and injury prevention. He recently presented his rehab techniques at the PhysioSports 2016 National Sports Medicine Conference in Baltimore this summer. We sat down with him at the conference and picked his brain on his expertise in some critical areas:

  • Keys to getting athletes and patients healthy again
  • Differentiate between stretching and range of motion
  • How important strengthening the scapular muscles are
  • Proven rehabilitation techniques
  • Elastic resistance vs. weights
  • His keys to assessing professional athletes

Watch the interview below!

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