18 years ago, TheraBand Academy was created to provide research and education for the clinical use of TheraBand products. At that time, “evidence-based practice” was in its infancy—and the Hygenic Corporation, manufacturer of TheraBand, knew the importance of providing research to support their products used by practicing clinicians. TheraBand was one of the first manufacturers in the physical therapy industry to invest in research and education through the TheraBandAcademy.com website and an annual international research meeting, the TheraBand Research Advisory Committee, known as “TRAC.” For the past 18 years, the annual TRAC meeting of our Scientific Advisory Committee has produces several hundred scientific studies.

With the acquisition of other clinical brands such as Biofreeze, Cramer, and BonVital, Performance Health re-named the Academy, “Performance Health Academy” to support the science for a growing number of products. The Academy houses the largest database on Performance Health products ranging from TheraBand to Biofreeze and Cramer Sports Medicine. Today, the Academy has over 2200 research references available, including over 500 randomized, controlled clinical trials, the highest level of clinical evidence. Each year, the Academy supports up to 40 independent research projects, as well as 200 international speakers and educators.

Now in 2016, we are proud to announce the launch of the next level of research and education. The Journal of Performance Health (JPH) is dedicated to publicizing research and evidence-based applications of Performance Health products. The Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee will serve as the editorial board, contributing both content and peer review.

In full disclosure, it’s important for our readers to remember that the Journal of Performance Health is just that: an industry publication from a manufacturer. Readers should always be aware of the potential for bias; however, in today’s world full of ‘pseudo-journals,’ providing for-a-fee online publication of poor science and questionable peer-review, the JPH maintains credible peer review and free access.

Consistent with the Academy, the mission of the JPH is to provide research and education to support clinical practice globally. Clinicians and researchers in physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, massage therapy, chiropractic, podiatry, and exercise science will benefit from content including scientific studies and practical ‘how-to’ articles with immediate clinical application. The common theme of all JPH content is set on its vision: to support scientifically based application of Performance Health products.

JPH issues will include original research as well as translation of research through article summaries and reviews, and practical applications. Our inaugural issue includes the research abstracts presented at our 2016 TRAC Scientific Advisory Committee meeting, as well as practical, evidence-based reviews of the “Monster Walk” exercise, as well as methods to assess strength with elastic resistance.

Download your free copy of the first issue here!


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