One of the most common foot conditions is heel pain. Even with a specific condition like this, professionals at the Mayo Clinic have identified a wide variety of conditions that can cause heel pain like:

All of these potential conditions result in a few ways to treat heel pain. There’s evidence that highlights the effectiveness of plantar fascia and calf muscle stretching to relieve symptoms; however, a 2015 study compared the effect of stretching versus stretching with strengthening and roller massage exercise in the fight to reduce heel pain..

The effectiveness of roller massage exercise on heel pain 

In a four-week study, 19 individuals with plantar heel pain were divided into two groups; standard stretching only and same stretching protocol combined with strengthening exercises and roller massage activities. The study measured three primary outcomes:

  • Foot and Ankle Ability Measure activities of daily living and sports subscales
  • Average of self-reported daily “first steps pain”
  • A weekly visual analog scale of heel pain (Malone CT et al. 2015)

After measuring the results, Malone’s research confirmed the efficacy of relieving plantar heel pain by combining stretching with a roller massager.

The First Step to Foot Relief

So, you’ve read the study; you know how effective roller massage is in regards to relieving plantar heel pain. What now?

As anyone with heel pain can attest, it’s hard to think about anything else when you can’t walk without discomfort. The TheraBand Foot Roller is an excellent tool for easy foot massages for your patients wherever they may be. Its size allows it to fit in the freezer and can be chilled or frozen to help reduce pain.

Like chocolate and wine, the foot roller pairs perfectly with our Roll-On Biofreeze. Regarded as the #1 clinically recommended topical analgesic, Biofreeze is a menthol pain relief gel that also acts as a massager with the rolling ball during application.

Give your patients the treatment they deserve. Your patients will thank you… and so will their heels.

Need foot roller exercises to give to your patients? Try these!



Malone CT et al. 2015. Comparison of a stretching protocol with the first step to foot relief protocol on selected clinical outcome measures in patients with heel pain (Abstract). J0SPT 45(1):A24-5

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