It’s been a great year for the Performance Health Academy, full of clinical insight, expert opinions and research overload. We’ve been looking back at the most popular articles from 2016 and we figured we’d share our top content with you, just in case you missed some (which we’re SURE you didn’t… you read the blog every day, right?!). Here are the top ten articles published by the Performance Health Academy in the year of 2016:

Top 10 Performance Health Academy articles of 2016

1. Plantar Fasciitis Kinesiology Taping Technique #TapeTuesday

UntitledWith a whopping 148,356 views, not only is this article the most popular #TapeTuesday article, or the most popular article published in 2016, but it’s our most popular post ever! Patients and clinicians everywhere are getting savvy on methods of plantar fasciitis pain relief, and this kinesiology taping technique seems to do the trick. Try it out yourself and let us know how it goes!

2. Foam Rolling is Beneficial… Right?

IMG_1241Foam rolling is incredibly popular in athletics as well as everyday exercisers; but how does foam rolling work, and what does it do? We dove into our research to give you some proven answers to your burning questions.

3. Are Foam Rollers and Roller-Massagers REALLY Effective?

Another inquiry into the mechanisms of myofascial rolling, this research study breaks down the foam roller as well as the roller massager and both of their effects on hip, knee and ankle range of motion as well as sit and reach scores.

4. Can You Handle the Truth about Kinesiology Taping? #TapeTuesday

Our resident myth buster Dr. Phil Page breaks down the truth about kinesiology tape in this impactful article; and don’t worry, he’s got the research to back it up.

5. How to Improve Neck Stabilization Exercise

Not only does this article outline a neck stabilization protocol, but it suggests an additional modality to help enhance your patient care. Give this a shot the neck time you need an extra line of defense!

6. How to Use Kinesiology Tape and Topical Analgesics Together #TapeTuesday

IMG_9931Topical analgesics like Biofreeze are proven pain relievers. Pair them with kinesiology tape and you’ve got yourself a dynamic pain-fighting duo. Learn the correct protocol for using both together with Dr. Phil Page’s quick video!

7. Ankle Sprain Kinesiology Taping Technique #TapeTuesday

Ankle sprains plague everyone, young and old. If you want to try and help relieve the pain and get back to function, watch the video and give this kinesiology taping technique a shot.

8. Edema Reduction Kinesiology Taping #TapeTuesday

Kinesiology taping techniques were obviously a huge hit amongst our audience! Check out this research-backed tape job that has been proven to reduce swelling.

9. Fighting Neck Pain Through the Cervical Thoracic Junction

Sue Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT, RYT showcases one of her impactful exercises from her lecture series. Get your sneak peak, then get your hands on the full DVD to absorb all of her expertise!

10. Three Kinesiology Tape Cuts and When to Use Them

Part of Dr. Phil Page’s Kinesiology Taping 101 series, this article goes back to basics and demonstrates each cut of kinesiology tape you will need to know to become a taping expert. Read up and implement your new techniques into your practice today!


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