Clinicians from every field can attest; if a patient is coming to your office, it’s most likely stemming from pain (or something that will eventually cause it). If these people are seeking pain relief from a professional, they mean business. They’re looking for a sustainable solution that they can implement everyday to help them manage their pain.

It’s incredibly easy for patients to rely on an opioid prescription, hoping that the drugs will be just what they need. However, based on today’s opioid abuse statistics, the health care system is desperately looking for alternatives to narcotics for pain relief. When it comes to opioid education and instructing your patients to seek better options, the burden lies on the clinicians that they seek out in the first place.

How to integrate opioid alternatives in your patient care

Practicing what you preach is exactly what it sounds like; when you’re telling your patients to stray from medication, you must guide them through the best options for their lifestyles. These people need something that is simple to use, easily accessible, and proven to provide the results they’re seeking if they are going to be compliant. A popular, go-to item within the clinical community and the populations they serve is Biofreeze, a topical analgesic. Driven by menthol-based cryotherapy, Biofreeze is backed by research and has been proven to be effective in areas such as delayed onset muscle soreness, arthritis pain and so much more. One study in particular showed that patients that used Biofreeze three times a day in between treatments saw more significant reductions in low back pain compared to the manipulation-only group.

Using Biofreeze post-treatment in your clinic will show your patients the true value of alternative pain relief methods. Lucky for you, Biofreeze offers in-clinic sizes so you can make sure you always have enough to spread the love (literally), and personal sizes so your patients can purchase a tube of their own before they even walk out of your doors. Contact your distributor of choice to learn more and order.

It’s everyone’s duty to fight opioid abuse. Just one treatment with Biofreeze can be the difference between a nasty addiction and a healthy habit. Once they realize they can reach comfort without the potential of addiction or any other health complications that come with opioid dependency, they’ll be a believer, just like you are.

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