Owning a private practice is difficult enough without factoring marketing into the picture. Whether your entire organization is a grassroots effort or not, getting your name out to the public to create a steady flow of clientele can be incredibly overwhelming. If it makes you feel any better, a lot of patients feel the same way about clinicians… they know they’re in pain and they know they need help, but they’re not sure who to go to.

Meeting the public right where they are is your best option. That’s why we’ve created a free marketing platform for licensed medical professionals of all kinds. Best of all, patients will know that they can find the care they want from professionals who have the know-how and the products to support their needs. The Biofreeze Professional Finder is a web-based search engine that’s quite literally puts your clinic on the map. After signing up for the Professional Finder, you will have access to a new Where to Buy System, a streamlined samples ordering process, and practitioner prices for Performance Health products. With this resource, you can:

  • Showcase your practice to those seeking care
  • Receive customized Biofreeze samples to give out to the public with your clinic’s information printed right on the card
  • Where to Buy Listing

Dr. Jay Greenstein is the CEO of Sport and Spine Rehab and a veteran chiropractor. He trusts the Professional Finder to support his marketing efforts of his private practices and reach out to those patients in his area who desperately need his care. Listen below as Jay walks you through the functionality and benefits of the site, and sign up today!

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