You can be the most qualified clinician in the world and provide exceptional patient care; unfortunately, you cannot control whether your patients come into your clinic with a full-force motivation to oblige to their rehabilitation and pain relief goals. While you may not be able to control their natural drive, you can influence them with a few educational and motivational tactics that will get them excited to commit and establish your credibility. Here’s a couple of quick tips you should try integrating into your clinic; sooner than later.

How to educate and motivate your patients

Show your patients how much you know – and how much you care

Strong patient education can be established through a variety of mediums. Which are best for you?

  • Pamphlets/diagrams – You can give your patient an explanation of the problems they’re having, but honestly, a lot of patients are either too shy or too embarrassed to ask further questions. Having physical resources to give will prompt them to learn more about their conditions, and passing that information on to a friend might even lead to a referral!
  • Blogs – Hosting a blog on your company’s website shows patients how dedicated you are to continual, quality education. Check out the blog hosted by Sport and Spine Rehab for a great example.
  • Social media – If you’re curating blog articles or would like to share other publication’s content, social media is a great way to get important information into the hands of your patients instantly.

Get better at communicating with your patients

Complete transparency is key when establishing strong communication with your patients. While you might think that they are savvy with your techniques or that they blindly trust your rehabilitation plan, it’s still always great to hear the nitty-gritty. When you’re performing a procedure or introducing an exercise, always link the objectives with the end goal. Remember: communication is not one-size-fits-all. Get to know your patients and customize your communication to their age, interests and capacity to learn!

Give them the tools to keep them accountable inside and outside of the clinic

Whether you are building strong home programs or suggesting products for pain relief outside of the office, it is important to provide simple, easy-to-use solutions. If you are prescribing exercises, the TheraBand CLX is exactly what your patients need to complete just about every exercise you could imagine. With loops throughout the entire latex-free band, it’s a versatile, all-in-one tool patients of any age can use. In fact, a study showed that patients preferred the TheraBand CLX to traditional flat elastic resistance bands, which is a key factor in home program compliance and patient motivation.

When it comes to pain relief, effectiveness is key. Small but mighty, Biofreeze delivers the results your patients are looking for to help them feel better and get excited about the effectiveness of your patient care as a whole. Need proof? One study showed that, when combined with chiropractic care, Biofreeze significantly reduced low back pain compared to the chiropractic-only group. It has also been proven to provide nearly two times the reduction of pain when compared to the use of ice. All they need is one bottle for instant pain relief, anytime anywhere!

What tools, tactics and tricks do you use to educate and motivate your patients? Comment below or share on social media to share the knowledge with your colleagues!

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