It’s that time of the year again! The Biofreeze spring promotion is a yearly treat for chiropractors, as well as any other clinician utilizing the topical analgesic in their daily practice. This great deal yields phenomenal savings and is a sought-after tradition; and this year, we’ve added a twist. The major difference that sets this promotion apart from the others is that you’ll be purchasing a brand new product.

As you may or may not know, Biofreeze is now available in retail stores across the country. We know what you’re thinking… and DO NOT PANIC! We know there are so many loyal Biofreeze users and we want to continually supporting you and your services. That’s why we created our exclusive new line of Biofreeze just for professionals.

The differences between Biofreeze Professional and the original Biofreeze formula

Biofreeze Professional was launched in late 2016 to give healthcare professionals an elite product to remain competitive against an ever-growing market. Notably setting it apart from the original product, this revamp of the Biofreeze formula touts some prominent differences:

  • Available exclusively from healthcare professionals; you won’t ever see this product on a retail shelf or online store.
  • Gel and Roll-on formulas last longer than the original Biofreeze at retail.
  • Smoother consistency for an easier application… goodbye chunks!
  • Optimized, fast-acting formula with 5% menthol instead of 4%.
  • Still available in 16oz, 32oz and gallon sizes for in-clinic use.
  • Customized samples available for your unique promotional needs.
  • Supported by the Professional Finder; our free search engine from Biofreeze that connects patients seeking hands-on health care with local professionals (that’s you!).

Simply put: if they want the good stuff, they’ll need to come to you to get it! We thank you for years of your continued patronage and support, and we hope you know that we’re always working to return the favor. Enjoy this year’s spring promotion and our new line of Biofreeze!

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