In the ever-evolving industry of athletic training, frequent advances in technology and research make waves in the way athletic trainers accomplish the task at hand. New tools and protocols are constantly being developed to keep up with progress in modern medicine, which ultimately help these professionals do a quicker, more thorough job. Today, we’re diving deeper into some of the top protocols being established and utilized throughout the industry.

Emerging protocols that are enhancing the athletic training field

  1. Technology to assist in injury prevention and return to play decisions
    • Movement analysis technologies help many athletic trainers analyze the basic and functional motion of athletes. This can determine their strength and ability to return to their sport post-injury, as well as identify the signs that a future injury may occur.
  2. Blood flow restriction
    • Whether used in resistance training or general activities such as walking, many elite athletic trainers are utilizing this method to improve muscular strength and endurance.
  3. Pain relief and soft tissue modalities
  4. Kinesiology tape
  5. Concussion protocols
    • Between advances in rehabilitative exercises, ocular analysis and other points of examination, athletic trainers are locked and loaded when it comes to modern concussion management.

Our Cramer Advisory Council of elite athletic trainers discussed these methods and more at our annual meeting. Hear how they’re utilizing new protocols within the industry below!

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