It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting into clinical retailing or have been selling products in your office for years; everyone could use a couple of pointers to capitalize on this awesome revenue builder! Years of training clinicians from all segments has helped us perfect our messaging when it comes to selling products, and we’d like to extend these expertise to you. Follow these suggestions and you’ll watch your products fly off the shelf (or counter)!  7 Tips to Help You Become A Better Clinical Retailer  1. Start with sampling.  Giving out a small taste of a product can drum up some big business by getting patients familiar with the products, prompting them to seek them out rather than being told to buy them.  2. Don’t sell products; sell outcomes.  You don’t need a polished sales pitch to convince your patients to invest. If they are benefitting from the use of a product, suggesting they purchase it for at-home use is an easy, natural sell.  3. Know when to sell.  The best retailing results will come during and after the treatment. While patients will be incredibly persuaded to purchase while they’re interacting with the product, sealing the deal at the desk as they check out or make a follow up appointment gives your office staff another selling opportunity.   4. Invest in your staff training and their goals.  Holding a training session or two might help them polish their skills and help them become more comfortable with selling. Setting measurable goals will also provide incentive to invest in the clinic’s retailing efforts. For example, offer extra funding for continuing education if goals are not met.  5. Routinely clean and tidy your displays.  So simple, but often overlooked. Nobody wants to buy from a dirty, dusty or disorganized display! Make your displays aesthetically pleasing by keeping them clean, placing larger products on the bottom and removing product out of the packaging.   6. Make it convenient for your patients to buy product.  Convenient, compact displays placed in your lobby create the perfect set up for patients to grab, analyze and purchase a product whenever they please. Make sure both the product and the price tags are visible at eye-level!  7. Sell products that support your services.  You wouldn’t sell dental floss at a chiropractic clinic, would you? Although that’s a dramatic example, make sure all of the products that you are selling match the services and value you provide to your patients.  Our clinical retailing program supports each of these factors by providing multiple display options, clinical retailing education, quality product lines like TheraBand, Biofreeze and TheraPearl as well as a dedicated customer support team. Visit to learn more about our program and how to start boosting your profits today!

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