Seeking wise council is the cornerstone of personal development in so many professional environments; and athletic training is no exception. With such a fast-paced, high-demanding job, many athletic trainers come into the field and are overwhelmed, unprepared and experiencing burnout quicker than ever. The elite athletic trainers on our Cramer Advisory Committee have quite literally “been there, done that.” We sat them down at our annual meeting and picked their brains on the most valuable advice they have for new athletic trainers entering the market today. Take notes, newbies!

Advice for those about to become athletic trainers

Ask questions and utilize your mentors. Always carry an attitude of perseverance; your hard work WILL pay off! Always be the hardest worker in the room. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do less talking and more listening. You don’t know all the answers! Never stay complacent in what you know. Expect a learning curve when you first enter the profession. You don’t learn everything in your curriculum in school! Communication is key. Be passionate about what you do. Establish clear boundaries to ensure you’re creating a healthy life/work balance.

Hear each member of the Advisory Committee share their opinions in the video below!


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