National Athletic Training Month has done a great job building awareness and praise towards the value athletic trainers provide on a daily basis. More than just glorified ankle-tapers, those practicing in the athletic training field are taking on an ever-increasing amount of responsibility as sports medicine evolves. Also increasing is the amount of tools and resources that are being developed to keep athletes and patients safe and healthy.

The members of our Cramer Advisory Committee are always on the forefront of innovation. These elite professionals are always on the pulse of how the athletic training field is evolving and investing time, money and training. Below are the most noteworthy developing trends that athletic trainers need to begin investing in sooner than later.

New trends in athletic training

  1.     Evidence-based practice: New research is being published monthly that can help can help you become a better care provider!
  2.     Manual Techniques: Athletic training is literally more hands-on than ever. Whether this manifests through traditional massage or through instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), this modality is helping more and more athletes restore mobility and escape pain.
  3.     Active concussion treatment: No more sitting an athlete in a dark room and waiting for the concussion to heal itself. The nationwide push to eliminate passive care has caused new concussion protocols and management techniques to emerge and safeguard the athlete and their future.
  4.     Preventive and corrective exercise: Prevention and recovery are the name of the game. Functional exercises, markers and tools to identify weaknesses and new exercises to help injured athletes recover will continue to take over sports medicine for years to come.

Hear what else our Cramer Advisory Council has to say about these emerging trends!

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