If the winter weather has your clients desperate to find an oasis, we’ve got everything you need to create a little piece of paradise. Mixing our Bon Vital’ Lime and Sweet Orange Essential Oils with our Bon Vital’ Coconut Oil, you can provide a tropical, refreshing and stimulating aromatherapy massage for the mind and body – no blender necessary! Relax the body, uplift the mind, hydrate the skin and escape to St. Somewhere.

Products needed for the full treatment

Bon Vital’ Massagearita Oil aromatherapy recipe

To create this blend of tropical sensations, follow this recipe:

  • Start with 2 oz. of Bon Vital’ Coconut Oil
  • Add 10 drops of Bon Vital’ Lime Essential Oil
  • Add 2 drops of Bon Vital’ Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Shake gently to combine.

tropical massage protocol bon vital products

Bon Vital’ Massagearita massage protocol

1. Begin with client in supine position.

2. Add a few drops of Bon Vital’® Massagearita Oil in your hand, rub together and hold above client’s face for them to inhale, taking 3 deep breaths.

3. Begin Swedish Massage treatment with gentle effleurage strokes to the face, moving in an upward direction, firm circular motions to temples and scalp.

4. Place the chilled TheraPearl® Eye-ssential® mask on client.

5. Move on to the neck and trapezius. Be sure to include some gentle stretches for the neck.

6. Massage each arm.

7. Move to the other end of the table.

8. Massage each leg beginning with the feet. Apply Bon Vital’ Lime Essential Oil Roll-on to the bottom of each foot.

9. Remove eye mask and turn client to the prone position.

10. Turn down sheet to client’s hip and place a warm towel infused with Bon Vital’ Lime Essential Oil on client’s back.

11. Use compression strokes over warm towel beginning at the trapezius and work down the back.

12. Remove the towel while still warm.

13. Apply Bon Vital’ Massagearita Oil with effleurage strokes and complete a Swedish massage – back, arms, then legs.

14. As you finish each leg, end with a long gliding stroke from the ankle, up the leg, over the gluts and back, rounding off at the shoulder and coming back down the arm and hands to the leg. Complete the stroke by lifting off at the ankle. Then adjust top sheet over the client.

15. End the massage with gentle rocking strokes along each side of the body.

16. Send the TheraPearl Eye-ssential mask and Bon Vital’ Lime Essential Oil Roll-on home with your client.

One Massagerita not enough? Visit BonVital.com/treatments for our Frozen Massagearita, Frozen Massagearita with Salt and Massagearita on the Rocks treatments!

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