Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) has taken manual therapy and superior patient care to a whole new level. Clinicians around the world are hungry to get their hands on a reliable set of tools and participate in a high-quality certification course so they can begin utilizing the power of IASTM with their patients. Luckily, HawkGrips now provides both with the introduction of their two certification courses! With up to 12 CEU’s (this varies by state and profession) in each course, healthcare professionals can be confident that they will learn all of the necessary skills, protocols and precautions to efficiently and effectively perform manual therapy with IASTM tools. Here’s everything you need to know about both levels!

iastm certification course CEU

HawkGrips Level I: IASTM Fundamentals Certification Course

The 8-hour Level 1: IASTM Fundamentals course covers the basic skills necessary to safely use Instrument Assisted soft Tissue Mobilization techniques in your patient care. By establishing a solid knowledge of the theoretical basis of IASTM, the current supporting literature and participating in seven hands-on labs, you’ll be able to understand, identify and apply IASTM appropriately and safely into your treatment programs! And, of course, move onto Level II.

HawkGrips Level II: Advanced IASTM Certification Course

This second 8-hour course dives deep into the literature and fundamentals to build off of all of the information and skills you learned in Level 1. Preceded by a two hour online course reviewing research, this course is taught in a case-study format and challenges the clinician to understand advanced treatment strokes, utilization of motion with IASTM and multi regional treatment concepts. You can expect to leave with a mastery of choosing IASTM treatments for movement dysfunctions, utilization of both basic and advanced strokes and more.

How much do the IASTM certification courses cost?

Multiple pricing tiers are available to participate in one (or both!) of the HawkGrips IASTM courses:

  •      One course (early bird*): $349
  •      One course (general): $399
  •      Two-day bundle of both courses (early bird*): $649 early bird
  •      Two-day bundle both courses (general): $699

*To qualify for early bird pricing, register 30 or more days prior to course date!

To sign up for a course near you, read more about the content that will be covered and course prerequisites, and learn how to host your own IASTM course, head to HawkGrips’ website! For a detailed schedule of each course, check out the Performance Health Academy (click the course link).

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