Emergency situations oftentimes propel your patients into the doctor’s office in a frantic, panicked rush. Broken bones, high fevers and immense pain are all medical situations that require immediate care so the issue is not exacerbated and healing can begin. But what about the smaller conditions that plague your patients every day?

The slight back aches, muscle fatigue or slumped posture at a desk or over a phone – these typical symptoms of chronic weakness and pain are chalked up to everyday living. They’re not even necessarily considered an issue by many who consider themselves healthy despite living with aches and pains.

In today’s culture, “healthy” is largely considered a perpetual state of being until injury or illness strike. But the reality is that good health is a sliding scale that requires care and attention on a regular basis. As a chiropractor, you are an invaluable resource for holistic care to support good health and it’s up to you to help educate patients about why they should practice preventative care with you.

Why Seeing a Chiropractor Promotes Healthy Living

Many times, when a patient seeks out your care, they are already experiencing pain (most commonly back pain) and are interested in a solution. But as you know, spinal manipulation, a strengthening program and good nutrition are all components of a care plan that will help a patient get back to pain-free living. While you can address pain temporarily with a topical like Biofreeze and other supportive therapies, there’s no quick fix for muscular or spinal pain. Building a tailored maintenance routine, however, will help manage day-to-day back related issues and prevent small aches from turning into larger issues.

Educate your patients by creating customized wellness programs that will create compliance and regular office visits. Building links between diet, exercise, core strength, flexibility and spinal health will show a patient how much he or she can gain by simply following a chiropractic protocol before injury strikes.

No matter the level of pain, if you encourage patients to address their issues with you and encourage dialogue you’ll be able to address the root of their issues while imparting valuable information at the same time.

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‘Healthy’ Can Be a Frame of Mind

Finding out what “healthy” means to each of your patients will aid you in shaping the best possible individualized preventative care plans. No two patients are alike and their healthy living goals vary as well. Losing weight, being able to touch hands to toes, running a mile or even a marathon – these active goals can use your expertise and holistic care.

Adopting a healthy mindset is not an easy task for a patient, even if they are in physically fit shape. Athletes are not impervious to lack of body confidence and may benefit from your knowledge about how the kinetic system works to make good, healthy movement possible. Adjusting the chiropractic lens per patient will help create a frame of mind reference that patients can rely on outside of your practice.

Pain-free, healthy living is achievable when your patients work with you on a regular preventative health plan. Set up the time to talk, walk each patient through your recommendations and give them the knowledge and tools to carry on care while at home, on the road or even at the office. Supplementing adjustments with diet, strengthening and stress-relief exercises will build your value in each patient’s eyes.

Truly healthy living is possible through chiropractic. Help change the mindset from pain first to prevention first and you’ll find your practice filled with patients eager to adopt consistently healthy lifestyles.

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