While all massage therapy products serve the same basic purpose, each has a unique set of characteristics that can help you achieve different results. The product you use will vary based on individual use case and practice preference. Here’s how to choose:

Important Characteristics

Water-based vs. oil-based products

  • Water-based
    • Easier to wash
    • Has longer shelf life
  • Oil-based
    • Can often soak into linens or remain on the surface of the skin
    • Does not absorb into the skin as quickly
    • Results in a longer glide

Water-soluble vs. water-dispersible products

  • Water-soluble
    • Will completely dissolve in water
  • Water-dispersible
    • Mixes well with water and can be easier to get off of hands and linens.

Product Features

  • Viscosity
    • Thickness of a product based on effect of friction
      • 1-10 scale: 1 being thinnest, 10 being thickest
  • Glide
    • The ease in which a product will permit the hand to move across the skin/muscle
      • 1-10 scale: 1 being most resistive, 10 being easiest

how to choose massage therapy product

Got an idea what you’re looking for? See how the products compare!

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