We know that bed rest is bad for us, leading to rapid declines in muscle mass and strength. Active exercise has recently gained support in the research and medical community for hospitalized patients. Unfortunately, many people in actue or long-term-care settings are limited in their strengthening options when confined to a hospital bed.

Use elastic resistance exercises to keep bedridden patients active

TRAC member Lars Andersen PhD from Denmark has been researching the feasibility of using the TheraBand® CLX for patients lying in a hospital bed. “The consecutive loops of the CLX make it ideal for attaching the band at any point on a hospital bed,” said Dr. Andersen.

In their study, 22 healthy individuals performed 14 different lower body exercises, while muscle activity was monitored with EMG. They identified two CLX exercises in a hospital bed that were best at activating the thigh muscles: supine terminal knee extension and prone knee flexion.

bed exercise knee extension elastic resistance

knee flexion bed exercise elastic resistance

In addition, 80% of the subjects were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the exercises. “Improving muscle strength of patients lying in bed at hospitals could potentially lead to earlier patient discharge,” Dr. Andersen said. “We plan to examine the EMG of upper body exercises with CLX in the hospital bed in 2017.”

Vinstrup J et al. Which TheraBand® CLX strengthening exercises are feasible and effective for patients lying in a hospital bed? (Abstract). 2016. J Performance Health : 1(1):17

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