Workplace wellness is quite popular today as employers seek to reduce work-related injury and healthcare costs. Danish researchers including TRAC member Lars Andersen PhD have studied workplace exercises with TheraBand® resistance in several settings. In slaughterhouse workers with chronic musculoskeletal pain, a 10-week, 10-minute exercise program performed at work including the FlexBar® was more effective than an ergonomic intervention. The exercise group had significantly reduced work disability and pain, as well as a significant increase in strength and function. Most importantly, TheraBand training prevented deterioration of work ability.

Increase workplace wellness with elastic resistance

In another workplace study, the researchers had hospital-based healthcare workers perform a 10-week TheraBand exercise program either at home or at work. They found that exercises performed at work were more effective than home-based exercise at reducing musculoskeletal pain and led to the reduced use of analgesic medication. In addition, workplace exercisers had less physical exertion at work and better muscle strength. The researchers noted that more exercise volume was performed at the workplace than at home, which may have contributed to the difference.

workplace wellness exercise protocol

These two studies suggest that workplace exercise programs can be more effective than home-based or ergonomic interventions alone, resulting in better outcomes, adherence, work ability and less medication use. Dr. Andersen said, “These inexpensive products are perfect for employers to provide effective on-site exercise programs.” These promising findings should lead to more research on the benefits of workplace exercise with TheraBand.

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