No, it’s not opposite day; providing your patients (or potential patients) with free products is a valuable way to not only meet their needs, but your own. Sampling is a time-honored tradition in many retail establishments (most notably, grocery stores) that helps establishments get their products into the hands of their target audiences. If you’re already selling products in your clinic, why not join the movement and start sampling them? Here’s why giving your patients a freebie is a natural way to generate loyalty and revenue.

The benefits of sampling products

Sampling gives patients a hands-on testimonial of what the product has to offer.

You can talk about why and how a product benefits a patient until you’re blue in the face, but they won’t fully understand until they experience it themselves.

Sampling can also give exposure to the services you provide.

Carrying and retailing products in your clinic shows that you’re committed to being a one-stop wellness shop for your patients. Your patients will love that they can get the products they need to feel better, right where they receive services that do the same!

Sampling gets your patient thinking about the product.

Once they’ve experienced the product, your patients will start to think about why it benefits them and how they can incorporate it into their everyday lives. Top of mind, top of priorities!

Sampling is a key component in build customer loyalty.

If they’re satisfied with the result, a patient is likely to choose the product they’re given instead of further investigating the market. Carry and sample quality products so your patients can rest assured that they’re getting the best!

Where and when to sample products

Giving away free products doesn’t have to be pushy or sales-y. Here are a couple of scenarios that set you up perfectly for sampling:

  • During your treatment – while you’re using the product, explain the benefits and provide your patients with a sample so they can try it on their own.
  • After your treatment – send your patients off with a gift to compliment your services.
  • At local events like races or fairs – set up a table and support your community with products they need.

How to get free samples… for free

If you’re ready to sample, it’s time to get your hands on the materials you need! Luckily, manufacturers like Biofreeze understand that sampling programs drive new patients to your practice and are willing to support those efforts. Furthermore, Biofreeze Professional is an exclusive edition of this #1 clinically used and recommended topical analgesic that is only available through professionals, making it a perfect product to pedal through your clinic.

To fulfill their dedication to the clinical community, Biofreeze is willing to provide you with 100 customized Biofreeze Professional samples per month absolutely free. Each sample will have your practice name and phone number printed on the sample card. Order your samples online every month, hand them out, and watch your sales and patient list grow!

free biofreeze samples for clinics

If you’re looking to sample at a specific event, you can request a larger quantity of samples to make sure everyone gets their hands (or backs, or necks, or knees) on some Biofreeze! Fill out the event samples request form at least four weeks prior to your requested delivery date to make sure you’ve got enough product to share the love.

Lastly, Biofreeze will send you complimentary merchandising and marketing tools to help you polish your retailing and sampling skills. All of this for free may feel too good to be true, but trust us; you’re not dreaming! Visit to get started today.

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