You can read articles about how to best market your practice, use sampling to create staggering revenue, become a better clinical retailer and price products to sell until your brain is at max capacity; and don’t get us wrong; you definitely should. Solidifying your business strategy is a worthy commitment to make when driving clinic growth. However, there are a variety of intrinsic and personal efforts that all healthcare professionals should embrace if they wish to create a robust practice that attracts and retains loyal patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker DC has been in practice for over 30 years and has created a legacy amongst the people he has served. His authentic, results-driven dedication to each person that walks into his clinic sets him apart from many clinicians practicing today who are simply going through the motions that they learned in school. Below are three of Dr. Tucker’s top tips for clinic growth that he believes will take any professional from good to great.

Dr. Tucker’s Tips for Patient Retention

Exude passion.

“Being able to have that passion in practice is something that the patients recognize and feel,” said Tucker. Approach each patient with a legitimate devotion to them and the issues that they are facing and they will be more likely to show the same right back.

Stay current.

“To have practice growth, you need to stay current so that your patients know you are on top of things. They will come to you with some of their most difficult issues and help sort out their problems,” said Tucker. Being aware of current trends within your industry shows your patients that they can always count on you to enhance patient care year after year. And on that note….

Fight complacency.

Growth isn’t always comfortable. Dr. Tucker encourages clinicians to embrace this and step out of their comfort zones if they want to retain loyal patients. Continually educating yourself to enhance yourself for your patients sake. “At the beginning of the year, ask yourself ‘what’s one thing I want to get really good at this year to share with my patients?’ … As five years goes down the road, you’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and a lot of expertise; and that’s what patients are seeking out.” Whether you start by adding adjunct therapies or scheduling a continuing education course, take your first step towards better patient care today.

Want to learn more about Dr. Tucker and why he feels these tips will take you to the next level? Watch the video below and share with colleagues to strengthen your network of professionals!

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