For many years, Performance Health has been producing groundbreaking research that not only supports the products in our portfolio, but also revolutionizes clinical practice across a number of industries. Last fall we decided to compile our most recent findings in the Journal of Performance Health, our publication dedicated to publicizing research and evidence-based applications of Performance Health products. After an overwhelming outpour of interest and support, we’ve published our second issue of the Journal; and gave it a brand new sidekick!

journal of performance health 2

Journal of Performance Health Volume Two

This issue of the Journal of Performance Health spans across a wide variety of topics and modalities to give you the latest data on some of the most popular practices out there today. Read up on topics like:

  • The Effect of Kinesiology Tape on Pain and Neck Range of Motion Post Cervical Manipulation
  • How to Increase EMG of Gluteal Muscles During High Intensity Squatting
  • Increasing Skin Blood Flow Through Kinesiology Taping
  • A Comparison Between Rigid Double Upright and Lace-up Ankle Braces
  • The Short-Term Effects of Two Different Cryotherapy Methods on Neck Pain
  • The Effects of Resistance Training on Proprioception in Individuals with Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Brace-free Neuromuscular Ankle Training Program for Female Athletes
  • The Clinical Effectiveness of Biofreeze on Musculoskeletal Pain
  • An Interview with Dr. Robert Topp about His Experiences with Research and Performance Health
  • Summaries of Performance Health Research

The Journal of Performance Health Research

The Journal of Performance Health Research was designed to be the no-fluff companion of the full Journal. Dr. Phil Page, editor of both publications, believes that this additional research-focused journal will give clinicians the opportunity to access the original research published on Performance Health products.

“I’m proud to introduce the publication of our companion journal, the Journal of Performance Health Research (JPHR), a free, online, open-access, and indexed journal that will house original research on Performance Health products. Scientific research using Performance Health products will be peer-reviewed by editorial board members. We believe offering this platform will provide faster publication of quality research that supports the effective and safe use of Performance Health products. The online journal will provide the ability for researchers to submit manuscripts electronically for peer review and provide free and immediate article access to clinicians and researchers. The Journal of Performance Health will continue to provide evidence-based practical content with immediate clinical application, including abstracts and summaries from the JPHR.”

The JPHR accepts external submissions of original research involving Performance Health products, including TheraBand, Biofreeze, Cramer Sports Medicine and Active Ankle.

Read the first issue of the Journal of Performance Health and check out to download full articles for free!  

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