Annually, 30-50% of adults will experience some form of debilitating neck pain. That’s a lot of people, a lot of pain and, potentially, a lot of pills. However, we all know better than that (right?!). There are a whole host of treatment options that can actually reduce neck pain instead of just masking it: one of those being cervical manipulation.

Chiropractic care has been a trusted modality for over 100 years; however, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and pain reduction doesn’t happen overnight either. In fact, cervical manipulation has occasionally been reported to result in a short-term increase in pain, which can also lead to a reduction in neck range of motion. To offset this temporary setback, researchers set out to determine if kinesiology tape could mitigate pain and facilitate neck range of motion following cervical manipulation (Greenstein J et al. 2017).

neck range of motion

Can Kinesiology Tape Reduce Neck Pain and Increase Range of Motion Post-Cervical Manipulation?

Kinesiology tape has been proven to reduce musculoskeletal pain, although limited research has been conducted to determine the effects of taping on patients with acute neck pain. In this study, 50 patients in an outpatient chiropractic clinic were assigned to two groups. The control group received cervical manipulation only, while the experimental group received TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape applied to their neck immediately following manipulation. Pain and range of motion measures were recorded pre-treatment, within five minutes, and 24-48 hours afterwards.

The kinesiology taping group demonstrated a significant decline in pain, while the control group did not report significant changes in their pain over the duration of the study. In terms of neck range of motion, neither group reported any significant change (Greenstein J et al. 2017).

kinesiology tape for neck pain and range of motion

While the authors of the study noted that the differences were not clinically significant, the results from this study support the use of kinesiology tape to reduce pain both immediately and 24–48 hours following cervical manipulation. Try a treatment of TheraBand Kinesiology Tape in your clinic to see how your patients respond. Here’s an easy technique to start with, but remember to tape to the pathology of your unique patient!

This study was originally published in the Journal of Performance Health. Read the full article or or take a peek at the whole Journal here!


Greenstein J et al. 2017. The effect of kinesiology tape on pain and neck range of motion after cervical manipulation J Perform Health. 1(1):18-25.

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