Successfully managing seating and positioning issues can improve patient outcomes and function with these 45 minute educational webinars.

Join Dr. Kirsten Davin, a recognized authority in Seating and Positioning for free educational webinars and learn from an expert!

Pelvic Asymmetry Webinar

February 27, 7pm CT – The pelvis is the key point of control, and adjustments can dramatically and positively impact a patient’s seating presentation. Learn how to identify Pelvic Tilt and Pelvic Obliquity presentations, recognize correctible and non-correctible presentations, and the tools and tips to improve patient function and outcomes and how to apply them.

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Pressure Mapping Webinar

March 27, 7pm CT – An objective measurement tool used as an adjunct to clinical evaluation, pressure mapping aids in identifying and quantifying seating and positioning issues as well as assessing proposed patient-specific solutions. Learn the basics of what pressure mapping can add to a clinical evaluation, how to interpret results and how to use the information to improve patient outcomes.

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