How to Use Topical Analgesics in Massage Therapy

Some like it hot; some like it cold. While crèmes, lotions, gels and oils have their obvious place in massage therapy, supplementing treatment with topical solutions can be a pain relief game changer patients are looking for. If used correctly, the cooling sensation... read more

How Ashiatsu Massage Can Revitalize Your Career

In the world of massage therapy, the dreaded burnout comes in many forms. Lumbar, wrist and hand pain can have any seasoned therapist ready to call it quits. But don’t throw in the towel yet! Ruthie Piper Hardee of Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy® has a solution (a... read more

The Rewards and Challenges of Being an Athletic Trainer

Every March, National Athletic Training Month serves as a medium to spread awareness about the important value athletic trainers bring to the world of sports medicine. With a motto of “Your protection is our priority” for the 2017 celebration, it’s easy to understand... read more

IASTM Treatment Protocol for an Inversion Ankle Sprain

The “ankle roll”; just about every athlete has been there, and just about every clinician has treated it. While inversion ankle sprains are incredibly common in athletics, this injury is no stranger to everyday people both young and old (and especially clumsy ones).... read more

How to Educate and Motivate Patients

You can be the most qualified clinician in the world and provide exceptional patient care; unfortunately, you cannot control whether your patients come into your clinic with a full-force motivation to oblige to their rehabilitation and pain relief goals. While you may... read more



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